Meet the Comets - 2015

January 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is time for winter sports in Grand Ledge!!! Meet the Comets if the Winter sports Kick Off!! It is was great to see so many sports teams represented this year. Here are some of the photos from the festivities! Be sure to check out the complete gallery here!! 1DX11913Grand Ledge / Fowlerville Hockey teamThis years Grand Ledge-Fowlerville Hockey team 1DX119351DX11935Grand Ledge Women's combined Basketball teams - Meet the Comets 1DX119381DX11938 1DX119411DX11941Grand Ledge Men's Basketball Team - Meet the Comets 1DX119521DX11952Grand Ledge High School Drum Line 1DX278011DX27801 1DX278021DX27802Grand Ledge High School Drum Line 1DX278031DX27803 1DX278561DX27856Grand Ledge Woman's Gymnastics Team - Meet the Comets 1DX278831DX27883Grand Ledge Wrestling Team - Meet the Comets 1DX120161DX12016Grand Ledge Pom Pon Squad - Meet the Comets 1DX278921DX27892 1DX120741DX12074Grand Ledge High School Men's Swim Team 1DX279301DX27930 1DX122761DX12276 1DX279341DX27934 1DX280341DX28034 1DX123381DX12338 1DX280961DX28096 1DX123651DX12365 1DX123811DX12381 1DX123841DX12384 1DX123851DX12385 1DX281151DX28115 1DX123931DX12393 1DX124131DX12413 1DX124211DX12421 1DX281251DX28125


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