It is Basketball Season!!!

December 20, 2014  •  4 Comments

We love shooting sports. We love shooting just about every other type of photography as well, but High School Sports holds a special place in my heart. I love the fans, the gyms and the players and coaches that make it all happen. This year we wwere asked to be the "official" photographer for both the Boys and Girls Grand Ledge, MI teams. Pretty cool. We have been the un-official photographer of a lot of high school teams and have been hired by serveral parents to come and photograph their children at various school functions, so this a first, and we are  honored :) . Anyway. Here are a few of the highlights from some of the games! Be sure to check out photos from all the Grand Ledge Events we cover on our Zenfolio site. GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1050GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1050

DSCF3759Grand Ledge Women's Varsity Team Raises the NHSAA Girls Final Four Banner for 2014!!

GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1014GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1014 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1023GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1023 Studio M Sports, Studio M Portraits - Holt, MichiganGrand Ledge's Sophia Guzman starts for the Varsity TeamGrand Ledge's Sophia Guzman starts for the Varsity Team GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1038GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1038 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1047GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1047 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1061GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1061 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1065GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1065 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1077GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1077 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1083GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1083 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1096GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1096 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1102GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1102 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1113GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1113 GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1118GL-V-W-B-Ball_vs_Grandville_12-9-2014-1118 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1004GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1004 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1011GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1011 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1013GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1013 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1034GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1034 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1036GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1036 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1039GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1039 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1050GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1050 1DX122911DX12291 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1061GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1061 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1071GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1071 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1074GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1074 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1081GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1081 GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1086GL-V-B-Ball_vs_Sexton - 12-12-12-1086 1DX205701DX20570 1DX124701DX12470 1DX124981DX12498 1DX125051DX12505 1DX205741DX20574 1DX205751DX20575 1DX125451DX12545



Studio M Portraits
Thank You Molly. We hope to be able to cover a few more Freshman and JV games in January!!
Molly Buffington(non-registered)
My daughter is on the JV team and I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of the freshman girls on up through varsity. These are great. Thanks for taking such great pictures !
Studio M Portraits
David and Roberta, You are welcome. We Love what we do ) Looking forward to a GREAT season!!
David & Roberta Jones Sr(non-registered)
We are looking forward to this. Thanks for your time, the pictures are awesome!
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